Ethical behaviour

Our commercial motto is to underpromise and overdeliver. We always provide clients with detailed and transparent pricing information, with no hidden costs or extras. Added cost is always discussed and approved in advance.

We do not offer verification or assurance services, as we believe this leads to conflicts of interest. Although we maintain a list of high quality assurance providers with whom we work closely, we never offer or accept commissions to recommend particular assurance providers.

Helikonia is governed by the UK Bribery Act 2010 and to ensure clear guidelines for all employees and contractors, a detailed Anti-corruption policy was adopted in May 2017.


Our most significant suppliers are event venues such as restaurants and hotels. We seek to screen all major venues on issues such as labour standards standards and environmental management. Many of our suppliers are SMEs, and we know that cash flow is one of the most important aspect of business success and survival. Our suppliers are paid within four weeks of invoicing, except where deliveries are in dispute.

Governance and ownership

The Board of Directors consist of Ms Rikke Netterstrom (Danish citizen, UK resident), Mr Teoh Cheng Hai and Ms Ayu Ramli (both Malaysian citizens and residents). Staff are consulted on all major changes taking place in the company.

Rikke Netterstrom is the controlling shareholder of Helikonia Advisory Sdn Bhd and Helikonia Ltd.