Kulim publishes Malaysia’s first stand-alone Carbon Footprint Report

While sustainability reporting is definitely on the rise, few companies globally have measured their complete carbon footprint, and even fewer have published stand-alone carbon reports. A Malaysia-based palm oil producer has now taken the first step and disclosed their climate change impact from production and land use – including complex data from smallholders and own estates. Kulim publishes Malaysia’s first stand-alone Carbon Footprint Report

The effort has been recognised in a statement by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil:

‘RSPO commends Kulim (Malaysia) Bhd for being the first Malaysian plantation company to use RSPO’s PalmGHG calculator in their carbon footprint report. The PalmGHG was developed by the 2nd Greenhouse Gas Working Group to enable producers to estimate the net greenhouse gas emissions produced during palm oil production. Collection of data from smallholders remains a challenge and Kulim has taken an important first step by engaging with their smallholders in the data collection and in including their emissions in the company’s overall carbon footprint. We hope that with increased awareness and better documentation, smallholders will also be able to play a crucial role in managing carbon emissions from the production of palm oil.’


Kulim carbon thumb Download Kulim’s 2012 Carbon Footprint Report
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